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Meditation Retreat Centre

We are looking for a person or a couple to join the Centre's family.  We live within lovely gardens and grounds in the heritage village of Rydal just West of the Blue Mountains.  We hold eductional courses.  There is PR, exhibitions and other projects done by the family.  We all like cooking and are vegetarians, though have an open mind.  We use Pure Meditation as a tool to further our peace and wisdom, we have acceptance of other people's meditations.  There is no hierarchy.  Each person is responsible for themselves, jobs and actions.  There is a Guru (wise soul) to seek advice from, if you wish to do so.  We pray, play and work together.

Are you interested?  Please do contact us.

Rydal Mount

The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre is situated in the historic village of Rydal.  This tranquil Centre is set amongst beautiful gardens and surrounded by rolling hills and bushland with easy access to the world heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park and the Wollemi National Park.  The local area has much to offer including the picturesque Lake Lyell where swimming and boating can be enjoyed.  There are also many historic sites well worth a visit or simply browse the antique stores and shops of the mountain villages.  The bushwalking and cycling trails surrounding Rydal village provide a wonderful way to enjoy the wildlife and scenery with kangaroos being a common sight. 

Lake Lyell

The Centre has been brought in to being for all to enjoy, imbibe in the Peace and to help all who are in need.  We offer many courses and retreats throughout the year as well as Healing and Counselling clinics.  We also teach Transformation Hatha Yoga classes throughout the mountains.  We live and work together here as a spiritual family, aiming to be of Unconditional Love and Truth, with respect for all of life.   We feel that the tranquility of this area has a special healing quality that can help people to regain their inner peace and balance.  It is important to us that all in need can receive what they need.  All those living and working in the Centre are professionally qualified teachers and therapists and receive ongoing training through the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres, founded worldwide by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma.  For more information on the work of Mata Yogananda and the S.R.M.H.Centres worldwide please connect to www.selfrealizationcentres.org