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About Rydal

rydal StationNestled on the western ramparts of the Blue Mountains, Rydal is set in a lovely valley surrounded by rolling countryside.  It remains a quintessential rural village with its invigorating climate and fresh air.  Thousands of daffodils have been planted in the parks and gardens of Rydal which is named after the english village of Rydal, home for many years of the poet William Wordsworth, famous for his poem "The Daffodils".

The Daffodils at Rydal Festival is celebrated during the 2nd and 3rd weekends of Sdaffodilseptember each year and is a colourful spectacular well worth a visit. 

Church There are many historic unique buildings and sites of interest in Rydal and the surrounding areas from its rich history as a changing post for the Cobb & Co.  A heritage walk with listed places of interest has been compiled for Rydal and creates a pleasant and enjoyable stroll through and around the village.