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Progressive Counselling/Coaching

Sun LilyProgressive Counselling/Coaching can help you to see a way forward in your life, whether with regard to relationships, decision-making, illness or any other issues.  Progressive Counselling/Coaching is a further form of Healing, that focuses on your present challenges and offers simple, yet profound practices to help you move forward in your life, in the direction that is right for you.  A Progressive Counsellor/Coach will never make a decision for you, or tell you what to do, but will help you unravel your own answers from within.  Your natural level of intuition and decisiveness can be greatly enhanced by this process, as you come to understand yourself to a greater depth. Progressive Counselling/Coaching is very much about empowering you to take a healthy charge of your own life.  Couple and Group Counselling/Coaching are also available. Individual appointments are held at our clinics in Rydal, Lithgow, Leura and Bathurst.  To make an appointment please contact us. Also see fees and prices.