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Pure Meditation

Pure Meditation is a spiritual science and is for anyone who wishes to progress spiritually.  Practicing Pure Meditation has many benefits.  You will feel Peace and find your life enhanced with more Love and Wisdom.  It has a very positive effect on your whole wellbeing and has the capacity to truly transform your life.

Meditation RoomPure Meditation has been lovingly passed down a lineage of Masters (Self Realized souls) ensuring the Essence and Truth is preserved and is brought to us by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma, the spiritual head and founder of the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres worldwide.  Pure Meditation is a jewel and to receive it is truly a gift. 

      "Let the Truth set you free"

For next course dates see our Course Programme for details and prices.               

Pure Meditation Foundation

Reduce stress and improve your concentration
Let your natural abilities shine through

Pure Meditation Foundation helps you find and maintain a more peaceful state within.  Finding this deeper connection and calmness has many spiritual, emotional and physical benefits.  It takes about two hours to learn, a few minutes each day to practice, and can be used anywhere ~ at your desk, before meetings, after a hectic day, for relaxation and to ensure a better nights sleep. Practiced regularly, it will help you to find balance on all levels, bringing more harmony into your life. It will also help to balance blood pressure, reduce the risk of headaches, and will help to relieve pain and tension.   It can be taught individually by appointment at any time or in small groups upon request.  We also hold regular group courses throughout the year.  Please see our Course Programme and fees and prices for details.

Pure Meditation Foundation is a valuable first step towards learning in-depth Pure Meditation.

Meditation Evenings 

At the centre we meditate every morning at 6.00 am and every evening from 8.00 pm Monday - Saturday with ‘Winged Prayer’ at 9.00 pm.  Meditation Evenings are held every Sunday from 7.00 pm.   We invite you to come and join with us.  Our Meditation room is open at all times, for all to use.  Everyone is welcome.

Meditation Stools 

Meditation Stool

These beautifully hand crafted stools are available for sale through this centre.   These Meditation Stools have been created with the guidance and blessing of Mata Yogananda.  They are specifically designed to support the spine and develop our posture as we meditate ~ or any time we choose to use them.  Each stool is unique and has been hand made with love and care using Australian hardwood and hardwearing fabrics.  You can choose from the range of beautiful fabrics we have in stock, or have one especially made for you, with your own hand picked fabric.  Cost; $375 each.