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Weekend and Two Day Courses

Holistic Energy Care

Do you wish to deepen your understanding of your own energy care?
Would you like to avoid ‘burn-out’, excessive tiredness and stress related illnesses?

This course is ideal for health care professionals, natural therapists, parents, teachers and anyone involved in care work.  You will learn practical ways of being in charge of your own energy - thus enhancing both your work with others and your personal life.  You will find your creativity and intuition also naturally improve.

Holistic Energy Care is taught in small groups with individual time allocated with the tutor so that personal questions can be asked and each participant’s needs met.  See our Course Programme for dates of the next course and fees.

Animal Healing Course

‘For all animal lovers’ 

This two day course is for those who wish to learn to give Natural Spiritual Healing to Animals.  Please see our Animal Healing page for more details.   

Transformation Hatha Yoga Retreats

Treat yourself to a retreat of Transformation Hatha Yoga and relaxation in the Centres tranquil setting.   See Transformation Hatha Yoga Retreats for more details. 

Wellbeing Retreats

Treat yourself to a refreshing retreat weekend in a truly peaceful environment.  The Centre gardens and surrounding locality provide a perfect place for you to relax and revive.  If you wish you can; learn Pure Meditation Foundation ~ a simple meditative practice to bring more peace and fulfilment into your life; practise Transformation Hatha Yoga ~ a gentle and healing form of exercise for a healthy body and peaceful mind; receive Natural Spiritual Healing ~ the energy you need for health, positivity, vitality, harmony and balance; or just simply take this time for yourself to rest, recuperate and recharge.  See our Course Programme for dates of the next course and fees.  Individual and group retreats can also be arranged on request.